Now I’m 40!!! I realize it gets harder and harder to stay healthy and fit as we get older. Many of you guys are lost. You don’t know exactly what to do to stay in shape. What to eat? How to train? And IF you figure that out, how do you balance it all with work and family? And the biggest one for most of us, how do you remain a stallion in the sheets? That’s what I’m hoping to help you with.

Now I’m going to be 100% honest with you: Nothing I say in this journal is going to be rocket science. It’s just practical advice and tips I’ve learned in my own journey from trial and error. I tried to learn as much as I could – any chance I got – from different doctors, coaches, and mentors along the way. So, if you are one that is freaking out, I hope this helps and gives you a little peace of mind that you’re not alone!

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