This one’s for all you ladies looking to knock out a quick cardio workout without slowing you down from your day-to-day hustle. Below is a simple but effective treadmill interval workout. Or you can download the PDF. Warm Up Jog / Speed 5 / Incline 0 Speed 6 / Incline 1 Speed 6.5 / Incline […]

Those of us of a certain age may remember a time when high school girls took home economics class, and high school boys took shop. Men were going to grow up and work on their own cars or home repairs, while women would become homemakers and take care of their families. Over the years, roles […]

We’ve got five basic exercises to strengthen and tone those quads. Check out the exercises below (download the PDF for a visual guide). Bodyweight Squat This one uses your own weight – along with gravity’s pull – to build resistance. Just spread your feet apart so they’re aligned with your shoulders. Next, lower yourself into […]