The days of dining out might be on temporary hold, but there are ways to shake your family from their “Stay Home” funk at mealtime. We’ve cooked up a few ideas to restaurantify your kitchen and tell isolation to shove off – Clean Eatz style! Taste Test Tapas This super simple setup isn’t just fun, […]

On January 1, the WeChangeLivez Challenge jump started the New Year. Many of you joined with a goal in mind and awesome determination. Over the next four months, CE Nation would share its WCL journeys, kicking ass with every new post. You all dug deep, showing the world your heart and inspiring us with your […]

If you’re running a marathon or a shorter distance race this year, you’re probably looking for tips on how to prepare for race day while stuck at home. Don’t worry, there are ways to take advantage of the moment and start training. Whether you’re planning to take on your first 5K, first marathon or just […]