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The new diets trends (carnivore), crazy workouts (6-pack abs in 6 days), and huge weight-loss gimmicks (drink lemon water with maple syrup for 10 days to lose up to 20 pounds) are in full marketing mode. We all start off with high goals and extreme plans. I want to lose 60 pounds and workout 7 days a week. That may be great for some, but making smaller more obtainable goals make us stay committed longer. My signature on my email states, “take it 5lbs at a time.” It gives you a great feeling to hit a 5-pound goal than the pressure of making the 60-pound goal. It becomes a lifestyle and not just a 2-week New Year’s resolution. Check out these 12 tips:

No matter how religiously you swear off Halloween candy, this time of year makes even the most pure of heart feel a little… wicked. But don’t despair. Give into your cravings without suffering any evil consequences with this handy guide to healthier treats. Healthy Halloween Quiz: Q: There are three mini versions that are low in calories […]

SUGAR BASICS Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love coming up with a great costume and all the activities that come with the fall season. I also dread it a bit because it seems that the next three months are a challenging part of a healthy lifestyle with all the treats that follow: […]