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As we head into November, we begin to think about Thanksgiving and the holidays before us. Having a national holiday that triggers our thoughts around gratitude is wonderful. Being able to carry the practice of gratitude into our daily lives can be challenging.  Let’s look at the scientific benefits, and gifts, of practicing and cultivating […]

Traveling is definitely not the easiest time to make healthy choices or stick to your exercise regimen. If you’re in the airport or in a place far from home, the different environments and experiences are going to lead you into making different choices and having a slightly different routine. What’s important is to realize a […]

MUSIC FOR THE SOUL  Pick you poison or passion, whichever you choose!  Clean Eatz Co-Owners share with your their October Music Playlists: RED’S PLAYLIST THE CLEAN TRUTH PLAYLIST Open up your music player and create two new playlist to motivate, inspire and get your through those workouts!