Red’s Kitchen September

Those of us of a certain age may remember a time when high school girls took home economics class, and high school boys took shop. Men were going to grow up and work on their own cars or home repairs, while women would become homemakers and take care of their families.

Over the years, roles and responsibilities certainly have changed. The problem is our basic needs in life have not. Things break … people get hungry. With Google and YouTube, we can now watch DIYs on just about everything. Still, that doesn’t always mean we learn how to put it into action.

I recently realized this with my own daughters. I guess I just assumed they would automatically grow up and inherit my self-reliance skills from back in the day. Not the case at all.

So last month when they were back home for a visit, I sat down with them to get them caught up! We put together a list of things that they wanted to learn. As we went through the essentials, it made me feel terrible that I had sent them out on their own without teaching them these simple things. Feel free to rip a page out of our notebook and use it to guide your future independents!