Stay Steady While Falling Back

And just like that summer is over… Cooler temps and baggy sweatshirts are also the beginning to the highest calorie months of the year. Football games, Halloween and Thanksgiving are paths to sugary, salty and high-fat snack foods. How can you not fall back on your fitness along with the clock this year?

  1. Time for Change What works during the summer doesn’t always work for the colder months. Summer is a time of cool salads, grilling, fresh fruit, and cold drinks. We tend to hibernate and seek comfort foods during the fall. Less activity means less intake. Play around with your food until you find the right formula that works with your fall workout levels. Things to try indoors: Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Cross-fit, Indoor Cycling, Dancing, Rock Climbing, Trampoline Class, Bootcamps, Indoor Soccer.
  2. Build Habits Habits happen automatically….Like driving your car to work or the grocery store, there’s not a lot of effort in those actions. You know the route by heart and probably forget 3/4 of the drive by time you’ve arrived. It’s a habit. Eating healthy can happen just like that. The most basic habit you can start with is having the same breakfast every morning. It’s the perfect way to remind yourself every morning of your goals and get the day started on the right track. Getting the first meal of the day in sets the mood for the rest of your day and goals. Can’t go wrong with eggs and oats!
  3. Limit TV and Social Media You’ve done nothing but sat on the couch Sunday and ate a bag of Doritos, but now for some reason you don’t feel like doing anything. There’s some logic: By cutting these things down to an hour or less per day, you will immediately notice more motivation in your life.
    • Your brain can only handle so much stimulation throughout the day.
    • The Scrolling thru Insta and TV causes a quick OVERLOAD of this stimulation.
    • 3. As a result, the mind feels tired and you feel “unmotivated” to do anything else.
  4. Write It This may sound too simple to do, but have you ever wrote down a list and didn’t get something crossed off? Does it drive you crazy? It does me. I recently started writing five daily goals in a journal everyday. It has really made a difference in holding me accountable throughout my day. It makes you motivated to complete your task every day. Something about those check marks…Try it!