I wrote this passage for a journal that Clean Eatz will be releasing later this spring. However, I felt it might be most relevant in this moment of uncertainty and social distancing. As we start to shut off from one another for the good of the whole, there’s a sense of anxiety creeping in for a lot of people. So many of us have questions. How long will this last? Will I miss celebrating important events with those I love? Will it be the same afterwards?

I’m here to tell you, we will get through this. Sure, it’s going to be dark at times, but we will overcome using each other’s light…We don’t have any other choice.

I do a lot of reading in my morning routine, and I recently learned a very interesting fact about sunflowers. These storybook plants grow in groups and look to the sun for their strength. It helps them to stand tall and flourish. Seems their name is appropriate, but it got me wondering: What happens when it’s cloudy? What happens when they don’t have their main source of energy?

In moments of gloominess, sunflowers turn toward one another for strength. They power each other through those hard times of little light. Naturally they count on each other, knowing that soon the sun – and their vigor – will return.

Folks, it’s time to be sunflowers and surround ourselves with plenty of them. This storm is temporary. We must turn to one another until the sky clears. Make it a point – even if it’s from your home – to stay in touch with those who:

  • Make you a better person
  • Support you
  • Push you to meet your goals
  • Inspire you
  • Help you transform

At the same time, give that energy back. Decide what kind of sunflower you want to be for those you care about. Will you nurture others as a:

  • Dreamer – Someone who helps them dream it.
  • Driver- Someone who helps them turn dreams into reality.
  • Motivator – Someone who inspires them every step of the way.
  • Supporter – Someone who never will leave their side, through good and bad times.
  • Devil’s advocate – Someone who helps them cut through the BS – tells them the real deal. (This is pretty much my sunflower role!)

Brighter days will return, my friends. Yeah, we might need to enjoy each other’s petals through the window of a phone or computer screen these next few weeks. But, if we all look to each other now, we’ll be back in that field growing together again soon.

– Evonne Varady, Clean Eatz co-founder