Top 10 Reasons to Weekly Meal Plan with Clean Eatz

We love hearing our customers’ amazing stories. Over the years, so many of you have told us how you’ve rolled the Clean Eatz Meal Plan into your weekly routines. We’re so proud to be by your sides – providing nutrition and lifestyle support on your individual journeys. If you’re new to CE, welcome! Check out these Top 10 Reasons why others have allowed us to be a part of their lives and keep pushing toward your goals!

    How many times have you finished your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and felt like you just left the Thanksgiving table? Overeating is so easy to do by mistake. That #STUFFED feeling is not good for digestion or daily health. CE Meal Plan selections are carefully weighted and have the proper balance of carbs, fats, and protein. Each thoughtfully crafted meal is then packaged in a portion control container so you don’t have to think about serving sizes.
    When most of us talk about eating healthy, our minds typically think of bland and boring food. Chicken and broccoli…Eggs, with a slice of toast. The CE Meal Plan system is designed to switch up tastes so you feel physically good and kill those cravings! Every week, we put out a new selection of chef-inspired dishes, each designed with the perfect blend of carbs, fats and protein to meet your lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain or gain muscle, there are meals to meet your fitness goals and satisfy your hunger.
    Let’s face it, everyone is BUSY! Time is such a valuable commodity, and we’re all constantly trying to figure out how to gain time in our days. That’s why we’ve developed the CE Meal Plan system around the idea of convenience. All meals come fully prepared and can be heated in a matter of minutes, allowing you to use your time doing the things you love.
    Eating healthy and delicious doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can actually save money. The CE Meal Plan helps individuals and families ditch costly grocery store runs by offering essential dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s no purchasing of unneeded ingredients or impulse buys – just the delicious nutrition you need. Better yet, the more CE Meals you buy, the lower the cost per selection.
    At Clean Eatz, we consider all Meal Plan customers a part of our family! We try to show this every chance we get. Whether it’s when you pick up your weekly meal plans at your local CE café or simply swing by for a quick bite, we love hearing the stories about how Clean Eatz has changed your life.
    A well-balanced routine is one of the keys to minimizing stress. Our Clean Eatz Meal Plan is designed to help you save time and get ahead of schedule. We create our meals around your lifestyle demands – rushed mornings, desk lunches, family dinners on the fly… we’re thinking of dishes to satisfy you on the go. We even offer snacks to include in your routine through our Café Marketplace.
    Many have turned to the Clean Eatz Meal Plan to pay it forward. In some cases, it’s used to help make a family member or friend’s busy day a little easier. In other instances, people rely on it to help meet the dietary needs or health goals of someone they care about. With customized offerings geared toward those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and food allergies, the CE Meal Plan accommodates many different lifestyles.
    A lot of people pick Clean Eatz as their meal plan provider for the sheer variety. Every week, we cook up six new meals. This includes five new entrees and one new breakfast. We do this because we understand how easy it is to become bored with a fad diet. We’re a lifestyle, so we live up to it by always keeping our fans guessing about what’s coming next!
    At Clean Eatz, we understand everyone has different goals and needs. That’s why we’ve developed a simple way to help you pick the meals that make sense for your lifestyle. Each selection fits into one of three categories – Lose, Maintain or Gain.
  10. These meals are for people who want to watch the calories and lose weight.
    These meals are for people who are looking to maintain what the’vey got, continuing to live a balanced lifestyle.
    These meals are for people who want to gain strength or add muscle.
  11. TASTE
    We always save the best for last! By far, taste is one of the most popular reasons people choose the Clean Eatz Meal Plan. We LOVE the reviews we receive every day, many surprised by how delicious and filling our healthy creations are. We’re always thinking up new recipes so you can continue to enjoy mealtime and feel great. Keep letting us know about your CE experiences, and we’ll keep bringing the flavor!